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Change is a foot, the future is bright

The weather is breaking, the chill is dropping from the air and yes, I am wearing my shorts and flip flops already! Summer is around the corner and I for one, cannot wait.  Life is looking good and the future looks warm and inviting. As with the garden, this time of year is about preparing […]


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MK Geek Night #9

2nd anniversary for a great event. Whether you are a new or a seasoned attendee, this a great , friendly and welcoming community. It is not a free event. Its free to attend but Richard and David both put in … [Read More...]


Hayfever – I herbal banish you!

The summer is here and so is my hayfever! I know that this affects many, many people and I definitely subscribe to the thought that it changes from year to year. I've tried Antihistamines, with Loratadine … [Read More...]


Simplicity is awesome: Egg skelter

Simplicity is awesome This is my egg skelter and I love it. My best friend had one a few years back and I thought it was ingenious. As someone who doesn't keep eggs in the fridge aka the correct way to store … [Read More...]